Feeling anxious? Allow this tarot spread to calm your mind.


A six-card spread, you will receive a picture of the spread in your email as well as a detailed explanation of each card and how they relate to the spread and the position.


Card 1: The circumstances creating your anxiety.

Card 2: The root cause of your anxiety.

Card 3: Who can help you.

Card 4: How

Card 5: to

Card 6: overcome.


Choose whether you want a traditional reading with Rider-Waite tarot cards or a reading with the Angels that is more gentle.


When purchasing a tarot card reading, it is not necessary for me to know what the question or concern at hand is to give you an accurate reading. Simply keep the question or concern in mind while you make your purchase.

Anxiety to Clarity 6-Card Reading

Choose A Deck
  • Tarot card readings are based on your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in this moment. They do not reveal the future as if it is set in stone. At the end of the day, you control your own fate.

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