Best Life Bootcamp: An intensive 30 day email course designed to take you from feeling “blah” about the future to feeling “hell yeah!” excited for it. You will discover (or rediscover!) what you’re passionate about and what you want out of your future. You will set and achieve goals. And you will create healthy habits that will enable and empower you to reach your full potential.


By the end of the thirty days, you will have gone from feeling okay about your future to feeling like you’re able to take advantage of all the joys it has to offer.


For people who…

  • Know there’s “something more” life could be offering them

  • Who go home after work each day and melt in front of the TV

  • Want to discover and pursue their passions but aren’t sure where to start

  • Are motivated and willing to see positive change in their life

  • Ready to deepen their relationships with themselves

  • Are ready to set and achieve goals that will set them up on a path to feeling like they’re living their best life


The basic package includes…

  • Online course delivered in the form of an email series over 30 days with an action step for each day

  • Unlimited e-mail support for five weeks

For only $650! Click here to sign up for this package!


The Deluxe Package includes...

  • All of the above, plus...
  • A journal
  • Mini self-care kit (includes bath salts, tea, rose quartz)

  • A book selected just for you based on where you are on your journey

  • One coloring book 

For just $725, you get all these extra goodies to enhance your experience with the course! Use this page to sign up for the Deluxe Package.


The Diamond Package includes...

  • All of the above, plus...
  • Two 45 minute FaceTime or Skype mentorship sessions or tarot card readings
  • One personalized, virtual tarot card reading delivered to your email

**The Diamond Package is $1,250 and available by application only. Please click here to apply! Payment plans are available for this package only!


Results = turn your dreams into goals and your goals into plans. In 30 days, you will have a definitive plan to achieve one of your goals. You’ll feel energized, motivated, passionate, and excited to accomplish something that’s on your list of goals, and have an understanding of how the goal setting-and-accomplishing process works so you can continue to achieve your life goals in life. No more “blah” or “stuck” feelings!

DELUXE Best Life Bootcamp: From Stuck to Empowered in 30 Days

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