This reading is the perfect reading to have done around the new year! The universe has so much to share with you about what's in store for 2020.
Card One: The overall energy of 2020.
Card Two: Someone who will have a positive influence on you in 2020.
Card Three: Someone/something that will be a challenge in 2020.
Card Four: The area of your life where you'll see growth in 2020.
Card Five: A word of advice from the Universe to start 2020 with.
Card Six: Something you need to focus on in 2020.
Card Seven: How to live your best life in the new year.
Card Eight: How you'll feel about the year.
Choose whether you want a traditional reading with Rider-Waite tarot cards or a reading with the Angels that is more gentle.
You will receive a picture of the card and a description of what this card means in this reading, as well as an edited picture of the spread so you can follow along. Each reading is completely personalized and done just for you.

New Year 8-Card Reading

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