Gain insight into who you were in a past life. Past life readings can sometimes open up a new perspective for this lifetime, and at the very least, they're really fun!


Card One: A card to describe who you were.

Card Two: What that lifetime's purpose was.

Card Three: Something you should have learned in that lifetime, but didn't.

Card Four: How that life connects to this life.


Choose whether you want a traditional reading with Rider-Waite tarot cards or a reading with the Angels that is more gentle.


You will receive an email with a detailed description of your reading as well as a picture of your spread and an edited map so you can follow along with the reading.

Past Lives 4-Card Reading

Choose A Deck
  • Tarot card readings are based on your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in this moment. They do not reveal the future as if it is set in stone. At the end of the day, you control your own fate.

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