Did you know that there is SO MUCH MORE to your zodiac sign than your sun sign? The sun sign is the one we base our horoscopes on, but there are two more heavy influences on our perosnalities: the moon and rising, or ascending, signs.


Your sun sign is the most general sign, the one that influences your head and the way you think, your approach to life, your general emotional responses on a day to day basis.


Your moon sign is who you are at your emotional core. Your moon sign is who you are when your walls come down, who you are at the end of the day when you're being yourself. Your moon sign is basically the sign of your heart.


Your rising sign is the sign that influences our outward, social personality. Most first impressions are based on your rising sign; this is who people think you are, the sign you project as, and the sign that influences us most socially.


Together with the rest of our charts, these three signs influence our personalities and make us who we are.


Purchase this analysis and receive a personalized, downloadable, 2-3 page analysis of your sun, moon, and rising signs. Get to know yourself and your chart on a deeper level.


Topics covered in your personalized analysis may include your approach to:

  • career and work
  • problem solving
  • love
  • family
  • friendship
  • social situations
  • .... and more!


**While I try to get them to you within 3 business days, please allow up to 1-2 weeks for delivery.


When purchasing this analysis, please include EITHER your sun/moon/rising signs if you know them OR your date, time, and place of birth so I may look it up and deliver your accurate analysis. If you don't know one of these pieces of information, take your best guess.

Personal Sun/Moon/Rising Zodiac Sign Complete Astrology Analysis

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