This spread is for those seeking insight to a particular relationship with a particular person, and will be conducted live over FaceTime or Skype. Together we will discuss this person's role in your life, your strengths together, and more. We will go through the cards and their meanings, and I'll answer any questions you may have*.


When you purchase this reading, you will receive two emails. One will be an automated confirmation of your purchase and the second will be a personal email from me to set your appointment time.


Card One: This person's purpose in your life.

Card Two: How this person's energy affects you.

Card Three: Your strengths together.

Card Four: The challenges you face together.

Card Five: An underlying issue in your relationship.

Card Six: An idea for connection with this person.


You will choose whether you want a traditional reading with Rider-Waite tarot cards or a reading with the Angels that is more gentle. From there, I will perform my reading rituals and interpret your cards. Then, I will answer any questions you may have about your reading*. 


*Strict 45 minute time limit on this reading, which should be more than enough time to answer all your questions.

Relationship Insight Reading - Conducted Live Using Facetime/Skype

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