Take the two week challenge and challenge yourself to take care of YOURSELF!


Upon purchase, you will receive a download for the Self-Love Challenge Guidebook that's over 80 pages long and is guaranteed to bring a little self-love and light into your life! Jam packed with recipes, self-care activities, and journal prompts. This challenge is designed to be done over two weeks.


At the end of the challenge, you'll feel confident, empowered, well-rested, full of good vibes and most importantly, you'll have a better relationship with the most important person in your life: yourself.


Once you decide to make the investment in yourself, you'll receive:

  • A two-week self-care calendar with seven alternative activities (that's 21 self-care ideas total!) complete with journal prompts and self-reflection questions to dive deeper into who you are.
  • Recipes for 14 nourishing dinners, 7 satisfying lunches, 7 delicious breakfasts, and 2 sweet indulgences.


If you're looking to NOURISH yourself, CONNECT with your soul, and NURTURE yourself through this gray season, this challenge is for you.

If you're a caregiver in ANY capacity, this is for you.

If winter makes you feel BLUE, this is the challenge for you.

If you want to GET BETTER at self-care, this is the challenge for you.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! You can email me anytime at stephhaussmann@gmail.com

Self-Love Challenge

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